Happy little Burritos



Happy Customers

All of a sudden sweater and hat season is upon us. Here are some happy customers enjoying their fleece on earth garments and looking really sharp.

Little Laura enjoying a day at the zoo sporting her new “L” cap. Very stylish young lady – love the shades!


Another big fan of Vermont shows his team spirit.


Lovely little lady enjoying her new sister and having fun in the Fall leaves.


Aiden looks really cute in his Custom Name Sweater.


Thanks for all the fun pictures! I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying their Fleece On Earth sweaters and hats. Happy Fall!



Placemats and napkins in Red and some vintage looking napkins.

I’m on a placemat roll – this time in red. From choosing the colours, winding the warp on the warping board, watching the cloth beam fill up and finally cutting the fully woven cloth off the loom – it’s pure magic to me. I’ve hemmed and wet finished them and will proceed to the hot mangle on Friday when they will be ready for the sale’s shelf.

Some finished Huck Lace cotton/linen dinner napkins:


Currently on the big loom I have a 23 yard warp set up for Huck Lace dinner napkins in Old Rose to go with some antique bone china. The yarn is mostly cotton with a touch of rayon for a tiny bit of shine. I had to rig up some floating-selvedges in order to make the pattern work, which isn’t easy with a fly shuttle, but now I am happily weaving along at production pace.



Scouting Pillows

What a great idea my customer had to celebrate her husband’s Scouting Career! Rather than all those badges languishing in a box buried in the closet now he can enjoy them everyday where they are proudly on display. A conversation starter for sure.


I chose a 50% linen/50% rayon yarn in a neutral colour to go with any decor and a textured weave structure to add visual interest without detracting from the main feature – the patches! The pillows were constructed with a buttoned envelope back and filled with a decadent down pillow insert. What a great idea and a special salute to a proud childhood accomplishment.

The power of thin.

Thin threads that is. This weave is super simple in that it is on only 2 shafts in plain weave, but by alternating thick and super thin threads (think sewing thread) a block design appears. Pretty cool. Looks Scandinavian to me. It’s not simple because the warp winding, shuttle switching and floating selvedge threads are a bit fiddly, but the result is worth the extra care. Was inspired to give it a go by a weaver who’s work I admire.


Back to work!

Mud season was “nice” while it lasted and I did accomplish a lot around the homestead and in the studio while the store was closed. The 90″ loom is now set up, threaded and ready to weave.

I transferred paper patterns to oak tag in preparation for them going to the sewing contractor – yes, a big step in the journey of FOE – I won’t have to sew each and every jacket, vest, pant, hat, mitten, etc. myself, but the products will still be made in Vermont! Looking forward to freeing up time to work on new designs/products, more weaving and sales calls. If you know of a gift shop that might be interested/a good fit for carrying FOE products please have them be in touch.

But now it’s time to get back to the store. Hours for this weekend are Sat 10-5:00 and Sunday 10-3:00. Hope to see you there!